The People's Budget 2019

The People's Budget 2019

Submit and discuss your ideas here: To be considered to move onto the next stage all ideas must cost no more than £10,000, sit within the aims of the council, and be a deliverable project. Find out more at


Bring back some "Frome Literary and Scientific Institution"

Tackle obesity in Frome


A swing for adults

Frome Sculpture

Hedgehog Rescue Centre

Graffiti Wall

Swimming outdoors.

Dog Warden

Youth Project

Micro hydro power generation (1-2KW) at Welshmill Weir

First step to clean air


Voice for the less represented members of Frome

Play equipment in Cheese Show area

Dog Poo Digester!

Talking Bench

Rodden Meadow

Parkinsons information pack

A feasibility study

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