Dedicated enclosed dog park

Dedicated enclosed dog park

A place to let dogs off the lead without fear of running off, bothering people, children or other animals. Only a small fence and gate is needed, and could be placed on the old showground, which had 2 large unused fields. This will also help control dog waste.


Love this idea for safer socialisation of pups

This sounds like a terrible idea - and I''m a dog owner. No way would I put my dog in an enclosed space with loads of other dogs I don't know. It just has the potential to become one big bun fight for dogs whose owners can't really control them. If you really need this facility you need to invest in some training for you and your dog. And the fields are not 'largely unused'. They're used every day.

How would this control dog waste? If people don't pick up after their dog outside of this enclosed area they won't do in there. That's going to turn into one foul area pretty quickly!

Those fields are not unused. All local community walk our dogs there daily , also plenty of parents and kids. there are so many people from other parts of town driving here to walk their dogs threw the meadows. It's never empty or unused. It would be nonsense to fence if off.

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