Open air swimming pool

Open air swimming pool

Let's put the 10k towards something we all want - a lovely open air lido in one of our parks. Perhaps at the skate park/ tennis courts end of Victoria Park? The pool could have different times for family swim and lane swim as well as a members only swim on weekends for annual members. It could have a splash pad for kids and changing cabins! How lovely! 👙


I've been thinking that Frome needs this for ages. And over in the old show fields would be the best place - there's a good amount of space over by the cricket ground. And if it was made as natural swimming pool maybe it wouldn't cost in the hundreds of thousands. In any case we really need an outdoor swimming pool!

A splash pad would be better

Too expensive.

£10,000 might get you a glorified foot spa, but a full size lido and operating costs surely in the hundreds of thousands not tens.

Way more than £10,000, lovely idea but would need a much bigger budget, there is a lido in Shepton

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