Frome's Missing Links

Frome's Missing Links

£10,000 toward paving the phase 3 from Weylands to Cooper Hall


Completion of this long awaited project will bring benefit to the town and complete a great shared use path between Frome-Radstock & Bath.

While the aims of the missing links project is admirable, the participatory budget scheme has already awarded this project money on several occasions. In 2012 £10,000 was awarded. In 2017 £2200 for a cycle powered cinema event/fundraiser plus another £500 for a cycle awareness event. The Somerset Community Foundation and the Heart of Wessex funds have also given substantial money for this group. I think it's only fair that some of this available public money is spent on other worthy projects.

A great project for Frome - would be great for health/wellbeing as well as tourism/local economy.

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