Vehicle Toll Points

Vehicle Toll Points

As with many places we've declared a climate emergency. Why not show we mean it and introduce a toll for vehicles coming through the town? This could work alongside the community shuttle bus idea and indeed pay for better shuttle services for people wanting to come in and out of town from all directions. The £10k can be used firstly to set up toll booths at the town centre's entry points, and secondly to employ workers on them. Money generated from takings would then go toward worker wages.


Not legally feasible.

Reduce pollution in the town centre. Make a point against one of the main contributors to climate change (too many vehicles). Make people think twice about using a vehicle when they can use other means. For those who can't easily walk have an effective green shuttle service running throughout the day to and from all areas.

Tolls might only increase static traffic, why not pedestrianise the town centre?

Well that won't help regenerate the town centre if you charge people to come into Frome, they will just go elsewhere.

Unfortunately going through town is and always will be the shortest route from one side to the other, Locks hill/Portway, Rodden road is gridlock on market days when the town is shut, pushing more traffic around those routes will increase pollution as static traffic at 8 sets of traffic lights between the Beehive crossroads and Princess Anne Road. Unfortunately we missed a great chance to put an inner link road via cork street, waterloo over the river/railway up to Welshmill when singers moved.

Penalises the poorest and those who are disabled and so least able to use other forms of transport

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