Shuttle Bus for Frome

Shuttle Bus for Frome

A shuttle bus that travels key local routes and stops on demand, helping with school run and reducing congestion.


Could this be an electric bus?

This would be great for getting the children across town

could this shuttle bus go to and from a ‘park & ride’ from the outskirts of the town?

could this shuttle bus be a bit like the ‘train touristique’ land trains that you get in France?

Rupert dear, we can't hear you?

A shuttle bus to assist all people of Frome not just for school children, to help people without transport get to town, doctors appointments, pharmacies etc would be more useful. An addition to the timetabled buses

Make Frome and surrounding villages more accessible for all. Free for children and elderly.

And nearby villages, where those without transport are so isolated. Also to help those in town without transport get to those villages.

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