Tackle obesity in Frome

Tackle obesity in Frome

Talks in schools, care homes, workplace & to local groups, dissemination of information through local media & social media on healthy eating, & in particular the need to stop over-consumption of processed sugar. Raise awareness of scale of problem. A platform for local organisations & businesses promoting exercise to reach more people. A head on challenge to Frome's "& cake" events culture (IFF part of the problem here). Mentoring, support groups and public education by all means possible.


Mendip DC should pay for this, they are the responsible pubic health organisation for this type of thing. Holistic approach needed for tackling obesity involving all stakeholders.

Mendip "should" pay but it is not happening and the health problems, individual social and emotional costs, and wider social costs of obesity not being tackled in Frome. Affects all age groups and more information, especially about processed sugar and where it lurks, could give a lot of people the tools they need to break addictive behaviours.

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