Micro hydro power generation (1-2KW) at Welshmill Weir

Micro hydro power generation (1-2KW) at Welshmill Weir

Apologies - I've not been able to find consistent choosing - anywhere from £2000 to £20,000 per kW to get a "low hear" system installed. For a 1kW turbine, expect ~8,000kW per year - more than a household's worth of CO2 emissions saved (assuming we're feeding back to the grid)


As a town council we looked at this and a survey of the river was carried out by a possile investor.... there are real issues of flooding the river if you raise the weir and that's neccessary to get the power desired.... Might not be a definative answer, but it put us off! (Ex Cllr Peter Macfadyen)

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