Bring back some "Frome Literary and Scientific Institution"

Bring back some "Frome Literary and Scientific Institution"

The museam building was originally the "Frome Literary and Scientific Institution". Could we bring back something similar into either that histocompatibility building of another central location with regular lectures or guest speakers from a scientific background - be they local or guests from other institutions. It would help stem the "brain drain" of local minds and spur on local residents and businesses to make use of the latest methods and findings to improve our local resillience.


Excellent, would love to get involved! Frome has such a rich history involving science and history!

Its kind of worrying that there would be more downvotes for this than upvotes. I can understand people not being for it if it's not their thing, but being actively against adding science into the mix of events supported in the town (especially adding any notes of objection)... ... Not sure what to make of that.

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