Blossom tree circle for linear green off Mendip Drive

Blossom tree circle for linear green off Mendip  Drive

A blossom tree circle in the north east corner of the long linear green. The area recently lost a elder which provided habitat for wildlife. This end is now very barren and a blossom circle would provide a beautiful feature for many to enjoy as they walked passed and the children played.


The long linear green is used by many in immediate area and wider community. Children play here, many walk through and use the green as a link to access the fields towards Spring Gardens. The green has lost 3 trees in the last 7 years, 2 very large trees and 1 medium size Elder. The corner in the north east end would be an ideal location as the wider end at the west is often used to play by children & has trees. This is a bit of a dead corner and would be a lovely feature to walk towards.

This green is used by many walkers accessing the Packsaddle/Spring Gardens fields and by children playing. The other end of the green has a variety of trees but this end is very barren as felled trees have not been replaced. A cherry blossom circle would not only be a beautiful addition but would help the wildlife in this area. The addition of a bench to allow people to site and enjoy the trees for longer would be a perfect addition.

Having lost a number of trees from the green over the past year or two the addition of a Blossom circle would be of huge benefit to the local community.

It would be lovely to have new trees in this area considering we have lost quite a few in the past years. This green space is cherished by locals and passes by alike and cherry blossom trees would be a welcome addition.

This corner of the green is such a valued area for everyone that lives here and passers by. There is a lovely group of children that play here everyday and neighbours stop by for a chat. I’m sure all would love to help plant some new trees and enjoy the blossoms every year. Also following the loss of so many mature trees recently this would really help the local wildlife. Please let us have some lovely trees and a bench too😜

This area looks to be begging for trees! It is so barren of anything that birds, insects & animals would enjoy!

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