Blossom Together

Blossom Together

Inspired by NT, are asking for suggestions for blossom in Frome. Where would benefit from the addition of a blossom tree, or where we can plant a blossom circle to bring us together when we can, as a unique and lasting reminder of this time? Please add an image or map and explain by 30th April.


Blossom at New Road

Blossom tree

Beautiful Blossom at Boyle's Cross

Blossom trees for Westover

tree line street

The Old Showfield Blossom Circle

Triangle Blossom

Blossom together:

Blossom trees and seating for Rodden Cycle Path

dwarf cherry on the way up innox hill

Blossom tree circle for linear green off Mendip Drive

Welshmill Roundhouse nature dementia sessions

Blossom trees at SSE substation

blossom near benches

Blossom trees and wildflowers Forest Road

Fruit Tress with blossom

Blossom trees

Top of The Mount

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