A Colony of Swifts for Frome

A Colony of Swifts for Frome

A project to encourage our wonderful swift population by creating a network of much needed swift nesting boxes in our Frome neighbourhoods


the whole town can enjoy the swifts and feel good about doing something positive for wildlife

As climate change and loss of habitat put a strain on our wild neighbours they need all the help we can offer.

Wonderful idea. Make space for wildlife, they need all help at moment

The main threat for swifts is loss of nest sites, especially as new-builds and renovations often mean no open eaves or crevices. We can increase the likelihood of juveniles from local colonies staying in the area by providing boxes throughout the town.

Definitely a great way to attract Swifts is to play swift calls once boxes put up, from MP3 player? Bird call app?

I love this. It fits with so many things, not least Her Maj's interest in outdoors and something that chimes with both the past and the future.

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