Community Bench and Noticeboard for Selwood Crescent Green

Community Bench and Noticeboard for Selwood Crescent Green

Our aim is to install a wooden bench on the edge of the green at Selwood Crescent/Mendip Dr. for the benefit of estate residents, visitors and walkers. We also wish to install a Community Noticeboard as per other Community Noticeboards around Frome. This project would be significant in marking the Queens Jubilee year. These would be valuable in providing the elderly and young alike with somewhere to sit and meet outdoors in this lovely green space, a perfect spot for a rest while walking.


This is a very much loved green space where our children and grandchildren play, It has been used over the years for event by local residents but there is no where to sit. This would provide a focal point for notices and a resting spot for all. The green is used daily by resident, children and dog walkers.

A bench would be a wonderful asset for all of us who have difficulty in walking any distance and for those who want to sit quietly and keep an eye on children or grandchildren. My grandchildren enjoy playing on the green, but as I can't stand for very long, a bench would be great for myself and also allow the grandchildren to have more time to play. It is so important to rest when walking to use the green space.

Great Idea and our family who live in Selwood Crescent would certainly make use of it considering my son and daughter both use the green

We live close to the green and love to hear children playing. A bench for parents to sit while supervising the youngest children would be a safety feature.

We live in Selwood Crescent and we very much enjoy having the Green as part of our daily lives. We strongly support this proposal for all the reasons already cited.

A bench would be greatly appreciated -the rocks are quite cold and knobbly! The green is an easy accessible escape from the house for fresh air and contemplation with those wonderful old trees and a run-around-let-of -steam area for the grandchildren A bench would mean we could use it more and for longer.

It would be great to have a bench and a notice board for the local community on Selwood Green. I walk my dog regularly on the green and a bench would be lovely to stop, sit and watch the world go by. A notice board would be a welcome asset to keep us informed of local activities and notifications. A great idea for the green going forward!

What a great idea! A bench would be an asset to this much loved green. Elderly residents will be able to meet and sit, parents can sit whilst watching their children play. The addition of a notice board would be most welcome, just as we have seen in other areas of Frome this would help continue to keep our local community connected .

We have only lived in the area for a few years but have quickly come to appreciate the green space at the end of the road. We have used it and think a bench would be very useful as we get older. A notice board will be a great asset especially to those that don’t use online communication.

We enjoy looking across the green each day and watching thr squirrels scampering around and the jackdaws and other birds enjoying the green. I personally walk across the green with my dog at least twice each day. My husband over 90 year old would greatly appreciate the bench.

Very good idea, it would be a great addition to the green and will be very much appreciated by residents and visitors.

A bench would be a fantastic asset to an already memorable place for so many , me included it has a special place in my heart , I learnt to ride my bike here for the first time , played so many games of hide and seek with my brother , and I think a bench would be amazing , it may mean people who can’t use the green for not being able to walk far , can use it have a seat halfway around , I feel it has so many benefits. A place to sit and relax, to sit and enjoy , to sit and reflect and remember

This is a fantastic idea, we live in the Crescent and walk the dog across the green twice a day, would be lovely to have a bench to sit and enjoy the area!

We live next to the green and see the use that the local families make of this communal space.We fully support the proposal for a bench and community notice board.

A bench would be an amazing addition to this lovely space as it would provide a wonderful social, vocal point for everyone. We all love this beautiful green space and would love to be able to spend more time enjoying it and a bench would provide the means to do that

The Green is a really good amenity space that has been continuously used and there is a definite need for a bench seat to rest and admire the surroundings. The seat would also be used for tired legs for those who need it. Also a notice board/book cupboard could be added for interest and swapping of books etc.

A great Idea! It's a lovely open space to take a break whilst walking or watching children/grandchildren playing.

This local green space and its trees are much loved by the local community, and simple things like a park bench and community noticeboard will help people appreciate and use their green space even more, as a meeting place and to sit and watch the world go by, and to be informed of what's happening locally.

Whilst the green space by Mendip Drive & Selwood Crescent has been used by generations of children, families & older folk there would be a real benefit in having a place to sit and have a chat in the fresh air. Parents could have a seat whilst youngsters play & there are a number of older folk who would benefit by being able to have a sit down during a walkabout. Having a Notice Board, like many other areas in Frome, would be a useful facility to publicise events & display items of interest.

Great idea. The green is used lots and for, particularly elderly, to sit and rest a while would be great - also encouraged and continuing community warmth which grew out of lockdown outdoor walks. Often see young people and parents sitting to chat on the big uncomfortable stones there (no suitable wall) so this will add to people's continued use of and care for a vital outdoor area. Great plan.

Great idea and an asset for this lovely area of green space, making it more usable and valuable to the local community

Great idea, a bench is the one thing that is missing from the lovely green and would give an opportunity for spending a longer time enjoying the space .

It would be really nice to have somewhere to sit and enjoy the area. It would make it easier to have a chat with others. Not everyone can stand for a length of time and without a bench conversation needs to be brief. The last two years have shown how important it is to value our environment and each other.

I would very much support a bench on Selwood Green. Sitting on a bench encourages talking to passers by, and acts as a talking bench too when neighbours meet up. Good for social and mental health. You only need to see how well the bench is used at the other end of Mendip Drive facing Grange Road. We would be happy to contribute to the installation and maintenance of such a bench.

A place to sit on the green would be a great idea. (I like the idea of a noticeboard too). Somewhere to sit and enjoy an ice cream on a sunny day would be great. Maybe some of the wood from the lovely large fir tree that (sadly) has been cut off, can be utilised in some way too?

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