A mural to inspire and celebrate a community

A mural to inspire and celebrate a community

People who live, work or study in Trinity area know it to be a vibrant and diverse community. What it lacks is a geographical heart, where community activities can happen. We have secured a patch of land near Vallis school and the Griffin for this use. As a focal point in that space we plan to create a mural that celebrates our community's inspirational story. This project will work with local people to design the mural and identify a suitable local artist, or artists, to carry out the work.


1. The mural would be visible to schoolchildren and their families, visitors to the Griffin and local residents providing a tangible reason to take pride in our community. 2. We have funding secured from local businesses and councillors that would be unlocked if this project is funded, effectively doubling the value gained from people's budget funding. 3. Trinity area is the most deprived area in Frome, and in the top 15% nationally. So funding in this area will make a real difference.

Thanks to the Griffin and local resident Terry for offering their "canvases"!

Fabulous idea as this would provide a focal point for the local community and a sense of belonging and pride. When people invest in their local community this in turn reaps benefits in local behaviours and attitudes. I have worked within the Trinity area for a number of years and this will be a great inspiration.

it's a great idea. I've seen how street art can 'lift' an area (in that case it was Glastonbury) and the location is just right hopefully local artists can be found to create it?

I really like this idea. The space can look a bit neglected, in between much busier spaces. I really like the idea of linking into the history of the area. So much has happened in Milk Street and Trinity over the centuries. I’m sure the museum and the Home in Frome project could help.

Great idea will bring a sense of ownership. Reflecting local people and cultures, history and not just recent. The area has important historical significance for the town and this should be reflected in any mural. Agree with talking with Frome Museum.

Having come from south Bristol I know the potential that projects like this have for creating a strong sense of community ownership. It will provide a much needed focal point for our community to become more connected.

I think it’s a great idea. There is a wonderful Mural Trail across Glasgow, it’s incredible! This could be the start of Fromes first Mural trail!

This is such a great idea. I love how much it will allow different stories from our whole community and across the rich history of the area to be woven together. As someone who’s fairly new to the area it also seems like a wonderful way to connect with new people and feel a part of something bigger/ the wider community.

What a fantastic idea to provide inspiration for future generations and to positively put Trinity on the map.

Lovely idea. The station waiting room has benefitted from having a mural. To me, this one shouldn’t try to tell a story, which could get complicated and garish, rather it should blend the building with its surroundings - more trompe l’oeil than the station one, maybe with a continuation of the wall, the grass, and the sky and perhaps a peek inside a weaver’s cottage, loom and all.

A great opportunity for the local community to come together and work on a project which will showcase the strength and diversity of those living in this community.

A great idea - street art can provide a real focal point for the community and hopefully all those involved can be from the locality.

The power of art and colour is unmeasurable. what an amazing project for all to see. I'm not quite sure how yet but I would love to be considered as one of the potential muralist. I'm a professional illustrator / artist & town resident and have seen first hand what a positive impact art can have on a community. https://www.instagram.com/roarill/?hl=en www.roar-illustration.co,uk

I'm really excited to see this happen! 😀

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