We want to kick-start community excitement about nature by enabling street level groups to easily build and site bird and bat boxes this winter. The box parts will be supplied ready to build by anyone, learning basic DIY skills in the process. This will bring people together in a practical activity, building connections with neighbours and the natural world that surrounds us. Experienced members of Frome Neighbourhood Network ‘Wild Bunch’ will advise and help site the boxes.


While Frome Council has declared am environmental emergency, and is doing what it can in the parks and public spaces of Frome, we need to massively up people power to support plants and animals to survive and thrive. This is a great way in to get neighbours working together, get excited about nature and learn more about our fellow inhabitants of Frome.

This is a great project for raising awareness of the wild neighbours who share our gardens - or is it their space we are sharing? It is also an opportunity for neighbours to come together in a common cause, fostering connections with each other and strengthening our sense of community and our shared concern for our wild neighbours.

anything that connects people to their wild neighbours gets my support

Fabulous idea, especially if people can site them on public trees (for those of us who don't have anywhere to put them in our garden!). Wildlife needs all the help it can get.

I love this idea.

This sounds fantastic. I'd love to be a part of that and have it happening in my neighbourhood

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