To hold an event to celebrate Frome’s well-loved Ancient Parkland at Easthill, its trees and wildlife. Unveiling of a specially commissioned embroidery by artist Corinna Sargood. Exhibition of landscape and wildlife photographs. Craft and ecological learning activities for children & adults. Launching Easthill for Nature with evening auction and entertainment. The longterm aim is to promote community involvement to conserve Easthill and enhance this globally rare, local habitat.


A beautiful space, perfect for peace and contemplation in nature (much needed for human health). It's so important to preserve these rare green spaces in a growing town. And an essential sanctuary for wildlife, which is so sadly diminishing.

Great way to protect this lovely open space and recognise it's value

We hope to encourage ‘Civic Green Pride’ and acknowledging that Frome is a great place to live when the community recognises the value of its green spaces such as Easthill.

Fun event for all the family!

I live close to this wonderful field and feel privileged to do so. It feels an important and wonderful idea to showcase the special Nature there is at Easthill, here on Frome's own doorstep by sharing the community's love and enthusiasm for it.

Raising awareness of the interconnectivity of nature is more important than ever. Sharing the beauty of the inhabitants and landscape of this place in Frome to the wider public through this event will show that collectively we can make a difference by caring for the green spaces on our doorsteps.

As Frome expands its town boundaries, accessible green areas are in danger of being lost. Easthill is a valuable and unique site where nature has been left to develop in its own way. The showcase event will be an opportunity to celebrate this wonderful, accessible resource.

I support any activities which continue to raise the profile of Easthill as a Unique Nature area in Frome. An exhibition of photographs would be excellent, as would any other of the suggested events!

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