The Whatcombe Terrace Eco-Shed

The Whatcombe Terrace Eco-Shed

As you can see our bin area is a bit of a mess! We would like to transform this space to a purposeful hub for the neighbourhood, local community and anyone walking the East Mendip Way to the very close by Whatcombe Fields. As well as creating a hygienic, sheltered area for our bins and bikes, we would like to have a green roof, drainage to collect water for the many passing dogs, book share cabinet, noticeboard and an upcycling space for pre-loved items.


110% for this! Hope to see it come to fruition soon šŸ‘ŒšŸ½

totally in support of this!! the bin situation at the moment is so bad and is such an eyesore

Liz Windle Iā€™m very much in favour of the eco-shed. On my visits to lovely Frome I have always felt disappointed and surprised that the local authority allows this ugly health and safety hazard to exist. It needs something more fitting for this caring community and for Frome

This community shed will not only improve sanitation and encourage bike use in our neighbourhood, it will provide a focal point for the community and others enjoying the East Mendip Walk and the beautiful Whatcombe Fields.

The bin situation is a bit of nightmare at present, it's an eye sore for everyone that lives nearby and the many passers by. This proposal would really tidy up the area, it would help to promote cycling and would be a great means of bringing the community together

This would be a fantastic addition to our community! It would be amazing for us to have a more hygienic area. It really is a eye sore not only for us in the terrace but also for all passing by. I love how this would not only benefit our neighbours but also the community as we know Fromies love their dogs, cycling and picking up a treasure or two!

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