Improving the Keyford neighbourhood

Improving the Keyford neighbourhood

We would love to make the Keyford area nicer for pedestrians and cyclists, and improve the local environment. Our plans include making improvements for parents and children going to schoool. This will involve a traffic survey. Also, a hedgehog day, an exhibition on 'Keyford and the Pitchfork rebellion, a local noticeboard, and much more. We'll have a Wikipedia page, with lots of gruesome history. We want to make Keyford a nicer place for everyone!


Keyford already has a great community spirit but some more community assets would be brilliant. With many primary schools and the park so nearby it's also a busy walking route for families - any safety improvements would be welcomed by the whole community.

The funding will help to create a sense of community, and improve the area. Lots of people walk to school and work through the Keyford streets, and we aim to make it nice and green for everyone.

Keyford needs to be improved for pedestrians, particularly children, & this is a great opportunity to make a real improvement & to learn more about the history of the area

I didn't know Titch but my new colleague's faces light up when they talk about him. This in itself speaks volumes about how loved and special he was. And how deserving he is of a memorial piece of artwork dedicated to him.

This is a great way to improve the safety and environmental impact of our historic neighbourhood, while bringing the local community together. There was such a fantastic positive response at our first community meeting - what a productive way to maximise this enthusiasm.

There was such a great response to the first community meeting, and some brilliant ideas were discussed. These would be taken forward with this proposal, and would help to make Keyford an even better place to live.

Some kind person initiated a Keyford Community Meeting. And over a hundred of us turned up. So many of us want to make a difference and build a sense of community, be kind to wildlife and to make it safe.

It was great to see these creative ideas come out of the inaugural Keyford Neighbourhood Group meeting this autumn, and even better if we get the opportunity to put them into practice next year. They are practical initiatives that will help us get to know each other better, make the area more family friendly, and benefit everyone who lives here.

A busy road cuts right through the heart of Keyford, Despite this, there is a real desire for a community here. We would love to build on the conversations and connections we began to make in the initial meeting. It's such a historic street and, now that the Crown has opened up again, let's not let traffic defeat us.

Keyford is very important to the history of frome with a number of Listed Buildings - we need to stop articulated lorries using Keyford as a rat run to the trading estate. For 1 thing the road is not wide enough for them to pass through with out mounting the pavement and secondly the buildings are suffering. My family have owned property in Keyford for probably longer than any other resident and I am noticing more and more cracks appearing on internal walls.A 7.5 ton wieght limit is a must.

This will make Keyford safer, and more enjoyable for the residents while giving the community a way to communicate things happening within the keyford area.

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