Critchill 'Den'

Critchill 'Den'

Pupils at the school would like to install a den into the wooded area of their playground. Our school playground is often used by other schools and for community events so it could benefit more than just the pupils at Critchill.


Great space for pupils to enjoy in their own time as well as continue to learn in a less formal environment

This sounds like a great idea which would benefit Critchill school pupils and the wider community 😊

This will give vulnerable students with additional needs a valuable learning space to further enhance their education

The 'Critchill Den' will be used for both 'free play' but also as an additional learning space for our younger pupils. The den will support role play, social communication opportunities and collaborative play during break and lunch times. Staff at school will be able to use the den as a versatile learning space; a hideaway to share stories, a place to take part in a small group learning activity and a break away space to relax.

Brilliant for the kiddies

This is a fantastic idea and I am sure would be well used by young people from Critchill and other schools, a great way to let their imaginations loose!

A wonderful den for children to play and learn. Children will love to explore and use it for quiet time, local schools will also benefit from this addition to our playground. πŸ˜€

This would be wonderful for the Critchill students πŸ˜„

Excellent idea

What a fantastic idea! Love the video.

Wow this would be amazing! Many benefits inc a space to play, learn, and relax. There is a lack of spaces/places children with additional needs can go in the community, so any addition to the school provision is of huge value and importance :)

This would give an extra space for students to enable them to recover from episodes in peace

It looks like it will be great fun for the pupils.

This would be an amazing space which could have a wide variety of uses to greatly benefit the children at Critchill and their learning and wellbeing as well as others within the community ☺️

Brilliant idea to benefit all children .

This would be a lovely space for pupils to learn and explore. A definite yes from me

This would be a great space for the children to enjoy some quiet time to relax and also good for playing and learning.

What a great space for all the children to customise develop ideas share and enjoy.

Safe place for children to play in fantastic idea please give the children there Den

Will add an extra dimension to our lunch time , especially for or PMLD learners !

So many uses! A great additional learning space not only for Critchill students but could also be used by the wider community. A lovely space for collaborative play as well as a quiet restorative relaxing space.

Excellent idea !!

What a wonderful idea! This would be a lovely addition to an amazing special school! So proud of all the Critchill students & staff!

Brilliant idea - that would benefit all children

Wonderful idea to benefit all children at Critchill and the wider community

What a wonderful addition this would be for our students and the community!

This will be amazing for the children such a great idea

Wonderful idea connecting children to nature.

A marvellous idea, and one which would benefit both staff and pupils.

This looks a wonderful idea that all the children would benefit from, and looks good fun!

Fantastic idea to benefit the students at Critchill.

This will provide a safe, fun outdoor space for learning and creativity.

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