Innox Hill Community Bike Shed

Innox Hill Community Bike Shed

We would like to build a communal bike store to allow up to 12 bikes to be stored securely and protected from the elements. It will allow residents around Innox Hill, particularly those who live back from the street or don’t have gardens or large halls, to store and access their bikes easily. The shed will have a live turf roof, and further down the line we'd like to purchase a communal cargo bike for anyone in the neighbourhood to use for shopping. This will help cut down on car use in Frome.


It will reduce car use into Frome. Will allow residents to store their bikes safely and securely, and provide a space that can enable future community possibilities - communal bikes or share spaces.

GREAT ...there should be dozens of these around Frome and one to pilot the idea will be brilliant (and I'm totally up for more cargo bikes!)

Great idea. Living at Innox Hill comes with limited outside storage space. This can only encourage people to store their bikes at an accessible place and use them more often; thus keeping fit and cutting down on car usage.

The bike shed would be a very welcome addition for us at Innox Hill and encourage more bike use on a regular basis.

As a resident of Innox Hill, I would find this bike shed a massive improvement as it would encourage more bike use: therefore enhancing personal fitness and decreasing car pollution. Our cottages are small so storage is a problem. Also getting a heavy bike down the steep terrace steps- and back up after use- is offputting. Last but not least, sharing communal responsibility for sustainable transport is surely the way forward!

This would be amazing. We've stopped cycling as with two small children and bikes stored up on the elevated terrace, we can't safely get the kids and bikes down. I used to cycle everywhere. We have two cars and could cut down to one if we had a useable cycle option for school runs.

This is a brilliant idea and will be so good for cutting down on unsustainable travel with cars, instead encouraging people to travel in green ways and to get fit at the same time.

excellent proposal

Fabulous idea. Anything that encourages people to cycle rather than using their cars is great.

This is a great idea, making it easier for people to jump on a bike instead of in the car. This shared resource will be valued by residents of Innox Hill, who already have a chicken co-op and shared polytunnel on their allotments. The idea of a future shared cargo bike is also fantastic.

Great idea to encourage less car use by providing safe secure bike store for residents with limited storage options. Fits well with the ethos of Frome

This would be a massive help to me and my family. We use our bikes everyday but are forced to leave them outside in the street due to lack of space in our house. This results in rust and is bad for the bikes. It also stops us from investing in better bikes for fear of theft as well as the degradation. As well as encouraging more people to cycle I think it will be excellent for residents to have a focal point around a shared activity that is healthy and good for the planet!

This is a wonderful plan! We aren’t cycling at the moment as don’t have anywhere accessible to store our bikes. It would mean we can move around the town by bike which has major health and environmental benefits. I’ve seen schemes like it in cities, it would be wonderful if it could be done in towns and more rural areas too. I whole heartedly support this! Alice Shepherd. 30 Innox Hill

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