Celebrate 10years of the Welshmill Pump Track

Celebrate 10years of the Welshmill Pump Track

It is 10years since the pump track opened and Welshmill Park itself was updated, and FROGS would like to celebrate the anniversary. We envisage a picnic with "extras" – a bike related demonstration/show on the hard standing in the park (not on the track), backed up by other bike/park/FROGS related activities. These would be to do with bike maintenance, walks, cycle rides, fun activities.


We are in the early stages of planning and have talked informally with Frome groups. This will be free entertainment in the fresh air together with other families in the community enjoying the one of the open spaces we have in Frome.

This was taken when FROGS celebrated the opening of the track, with bike demonstrations to show what was possible on the track. Photo by John Peverley.

A lovely hive of activity for all ages, wow 10 years already ... I was there helping to lay turf with FROGS. My son, now 17 loved going round the track first on his scooter then bike. I look forward to celebrating this amazing place and joining in with the fun .

a well used space that deserves a celebration

The pump track is a real asset in Frome and is used by loads of people of different ages and abilities. It's really improved the park and attracts people from outside of Frome as well as offering something unique for Frome residents. The event will celebrate the pump track and encourage more people to cycle.

Would be lovely to see an event at such a well used space

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