Community Sculpture in memory of Teacher David Titchener

Community Sculpture in memory of Teacher David Titchener

Frome College Art Department staff and students would like to create a memorial piece of artwork on site in memory of beloved Science teacher and Site Team member David ‘Titch’ Titchener. The large scale piece would be made from living willow to signify the importance of the care and commitment Titch made to our school grounds, whilst enhancing our compassion for the environment.


Titch was an amazing colleague at the College. He was always so willing to help anybody…nothing was too much trouble. This living sculpture will be a lasting memorial to his kindness and compassion.

Titch was an amazing chap with a great sense of humour. Much loved and respected by staff and students alike. No job too big, no job too small!

Titch was a fixture at Frome College and served his community as a teacher and latterly as a member of the site team. He deserves to be memorialised for the services he performed for generations of young people who passed through the college and the kindness and compassion that informed his every act.

Great school communities are built on people like Titch. He gave over 30 years loyal service to the Science and site teams but to the College as a whole he brought his reliability, resourcefulness and positivity. The backbone of so many events. As individuals we will all have benefited from his thoughtful help and been lifted by his smiling presence . It would be wonderful to mark his contribution across the whole campus with a memorial which maintains his presence on the grounds he loved.

It is important for people in the community- students, staff, volunteers & visitors at Frome College for generations to see the value in being a good person and making a positive change. Being a generous and memorable community member- as Titch was in abundance- is what our community of Frome is all about. This sculpture would have a broad reach and would inspire others, not to mention bring immense pride to all students who work on this piece.

Titch was the kindest, most altruistic, time generous person I have ever met. Every day I used him as a role model for the young people of the Frome community that I work with. He is very much missed by Frome College staff and students alike, and a lasting, growing, memorial to this wonderful human being would keep him and his kind ways at the forefront of our minds, allowing him to continue as a role model for future generations ❤

In his 34 years at Frome College, Titch taught a huge cohort across the Frome community. Titch made such a positive contribution to all of those who he taught and worked with. I couldn't think of a better person to honour - he was such an inspiration to so many - staff and students alike.

Titch was just the kindest and most generous of human beings. It didn’t matter who you were, he would spot a problem, have solved it for you and sent you a text, often before you had realised there was an issue. It was simply the way he was. Kindness was Titch’s response to anything the world put in his path. An accessible living memorial - with perhaps a seat for people to stop and chat, or just ponder for a while - would be lovely.

I think this is a wonderful way to commemorate a very special person. I think Titch would have been really touched to know that so many people want to celebrate his warm and generous spirit

A living sculpture is the most wonderful idea for a teacher who always gave the most for his students and community <3

Titch was the best of humankind. Always smiling, always kind and always going out of his way to help others. He actively brought out the best in people and should be honoured and celebrated.

Mr Titchner was the politest, kindest, most helpful person I could have hoped to work with. Many of us would ask “would it be possible/if you have time could you” and it would be done within minutes. He deserves to be remembered as an essential part of Frome College life. His positive impact needs to be remembered and be visible for generations to come to learn how one should conduct oneself and strive to positively impact others. This piece of artwork will allow generstions to learn this.

This is a perfect project to honour a man who oozed warmth, kindness and caring. Titch was a ray of sunshine that brightened any room he entered and this 'living' memorial is perfect.

Titch was an amazing man with a kind soul. He spent his time helping so many people, and to have our students involved in helping to create a piece of artwork to remember him would be amazing. We should all aim to be a little more Titch!

Titch was amazing and it will be amazing for our students to be involved in the design and making of an artwork dedicated to him.

This is an amazing opportunity to commemorate someone who made an immeasurable impact to the Frome community, both in the school and more widely. What a fantastic idea.

Titch not only worked at the College but was at the heart of Frome Community for so many years. Giving so many hours to community projects such as the Merlin Theatre. Please support this fabulous project to remember a man who was truly selfless and has left a big hole in our hearts and so deserves a lasting living memorial at the College

Titch was a much loved member of the college community who always would go out of his way to help staff and students alike. He loved being at the college and he is sorely missed, a lasting reminder of him on campus is fitting for someone who gave so much to it

Titch was a colleague and a friend. He was part of the fabric of Frome College and the community. If there was anything you needed to know or to be fixed, Titch was the person to go to. He taught for many years at the college and inspired many students. He always had time to speak to you, even when he was busy himself. He will be deeply missed.

Titch was a Frome Legend, his death shocked the generations of us that have been taught and supported by him over his dedicated time at FCC. Bring the community together to remember a man who gave so much of himself to Frome.

Titch was an integral part of Frome College for so many years. He was dedicated to all staff and students and had such a positive impact on everyone. A sculpture in his memory would highlight the long lasting dedication to our school and bring comfort to those who enjoyed his company and miss him, it would provide an opportunity to have something to visit and remember him.

Titch made a huge difference to the lives of many generations of Frome families. This is an opportunity to say thank you for everything he did.

Students, Staff working on site and visitors will benefit by remembering the impact Titch had on our school and local community through generations, his legacy and value to be remembered around site for all to see. Students and staff will be able to enjoy the piece of artwork for generations to come. In addition, taking part in the creation of the artwork and having a part to play in this important project would be an inclusive way of linking students to the history of this site.

Always helpful, always friendly... we miss him so much! This project, made with students and always living on, will be a great way of celebrating Titch every day... and putting smiles on our faces in his memory.

A fantastic man who has done so much for many in Frome both at Frome College and elsewhere. It would be wonderful to have this to remember him and all he did for people

Big love titch... you were my science teacher at the college and we worked together at the horse and groom pub. We were saddened to hear of your passing. And hope your soul rests in peace. A memorial would be such a beautiful addition to our community. I often wonder about the lost heros we all grew up with in Frome and how to communicate messages of love and gratitude. Thanks so much for your soul contribution to the universe Titch. Sadly missed. Amie-Jo xx

The school has lost one of its foundations. It will struggle to recover from this loss. One soul can make a big difference in people's lives. I will miss our long conversations and your guidance. This memorial piece of artwork will help the community come together.

Mr Titchener was my form tutor when I first started Frome College 34 years ago, it was his first term there as well so we were both new to the school. He was one of the few that I got on well with even with my sometimes crappy attitude at the time. He thoroughly deserves something to remember him by.

I loved old titch i remember winding him up saying ( sir you dont help burgess go an master bate then) i can say more now but fuck#ng hell told me too get out the room. Then miss Marshall at the time walked by i had too explain my self to her which she grinned an walked on. I couldn't believe when i heard good old teacher

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